The Smarter Together Series was an unprecedented event for building product manufacturers that brought together leading experts from multidisciplinary fields to share transformational strategies to reach, and build relationships with, architects.

It’s not too late! If you weren’t able to attend live, you can still purchase the recordings and watch the series. Each day’s content provides inspirational leadership insights and tactical, pragmatic tools based on assessment of the construction ecosystem, analysis of architecture practice, adaptation of marketing strategies, and alignment of organizational values.


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Session and speaker lineup.

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Assess The State of the Construction Ecosystem
Simon T. Bailey
The Future is for Sale
Tiffany Hosey,

Construction Needs Precision to Increase Leverage & Drive Efficiency
Benjamin Glunz, Anguleris
Why BIM Should be at the Center of Your Business Strategy
Derek Guffey, ConstructConnect
Beyond Specification – How to Maximize Results During Bidding.
Kermit Baker, The American Institute of Architects
Construction Market Economic Forecast
Megan Kacvinsky,
Point to Point

Re-Imagining Building Materials Marketing for a New Economy
Grant Farnsworth,
Farnsworth Group

How to Compete With Shifts in Brands and Suppliers
Analyze The Evolution of Architectural Practice
Phil Bernstein, Yale
Five Things About the Future of Architecture: Technology, Practice, and Opportunities for BPMs
Nik Werk, B2B International
Data and Insights into the Mind of the Architect and Firm Culture
Michael Heinsdorf, Deltek
Ricardo Rodriguez, MBCC Group

Leveraging the AECO Project Delivery Tech Stack for
BPM Success
Adam Mowrey,
Farnsworth Group

Collaborative Product Development Between BPMs and Architects
Kent Panther, Wray Ward
Building & Remodeling Brand Relationships with Architects
Jake Kellogg and
Martha Capps,
Point to Point

Common Pitfalls of an Architect Marketing Strategy.
3:30pm ET
Alex Bachrach,
BNP Media

What do Architects Say About Your Product Marketing?
Adapt To New Strategies for Sales and Marketing Excellence
Perry Hardt, Deltek
Embracing the Tech Marketing Mindset in a Legacy Industry
Mark Ganton, Brian J. Ganton & Associates
Results-Driven Branding and Marketing in the New Normal
Zach Williams, Venveo
High Conversion Digital Strategies for BPMs
Lisa Raehsler, Big Click
Top 5 SEM Strategies the Building Products Industry Should be Using Today
Tom Rousseau, Alignment Advisors LLC
Lee Sellers, Visible Impact
The New Normal: A Roadmap to Sales and Marketing in a Post- COVID Digital World
Brady Cohen, Point to Point
Demystifying Specification Sites: How to Know Where to Invest and Get Positive ROI
Arnie Begler, Pipitone Group
Converting Brand Equity into Sales Opportunity
Align Your Values to Drive New Value
David Allison
Aligning Your Values with Your Customers
Practitioners’ Perspectives
Racial and Gender Equity in Construction
Mindy Thompson Fullilove, The New School
Enabling Equitable, Inclusive Communities
Justin Dillon, FRDM
Integrating Your Values into Your Supply Chain

Eric Corey Freed, CannonDesign

Transforming Our Industry Overnight (After Waiting for 30 Years)

Ed Mazria, Architecture 2030

The Climate Challenge for the Construction Industry